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Make it an opportunity not a reason to moan - Though I like a good moan :)

Firstly I'd like to out myself as a fair weather golfer that stops golf completely in the winter. I never used to be growing up, this helped me get better year on year. Now I have no aspirations in playing golf. My coaching comes first....

If this sounds like you, that's fine. If you want to grind it out this winter read on!

Winter golf/the off season

Its an unfortunate fact that the temperature heads south, the days shorten, the courses close, winter greens and we more often than not have to use those god forsaken fairway mats!

Most of us lose the bug for the game in the bleak midwinter months and its a fact that the majority of us don't or significantly drop our practice/range time.

Call me Mr Motivator!

I'm going to list some great reasons why the winter months could just the thing that could help your golf game and why lessons in the winter can be more effective than in the summer months. Also maybe some things to get you motivated to practice.....

  • Winter is where we can get some real work done without the distraction of a full golfing diary. If there is something technical within your swing that needs tackling, winter is the time to do it. Gearing up for next season

  • Don't lose what you've worked so hard for last year. Let me tell you from experience that not playing for months is an easy way to start the next the season stuck in a rut

  • Join a group coaching class. This is a great way to commit to a weekly, fun practice hour. It's very cost effective and you keep the rust off in periods of inactivity.

  • Buy some new golf clubs...... Yes as some will already know I'm not usually beating this drum but it can be a good way to motivate you to get to the range or course.

  • VOLUME.... We are able to hit more shots in the winter as were not spending 6 hours at the golf course hitting 60 full shots. We can hit hundreds & hundreds at the range. If anyone read my previous blog post about 'Range Vs Course'... Volume is so important

  • Set some goals for the 2023 season and come and see me if you want structure road map to help you achieve them

  • Purchase some golf lessons. Having a task to complete can motivate you to practice and brave the cold.


My experience....

From personal experience, my golf game peaks in September - October. This is because I am one of those that basically throws my clubs away for 5 months of the year. Within those 5 months everything fades away...

  • I lose speed and in turn lose a lot of distance when I dig my clubs out

  • My swing feels alien and looks it as well

  • Feel for distances goes (chips, pitching & putting)

  • Strike suffers due to low volume of shots

I'd love to have the time to spend 2-3 hours a week grinding on the range but unfortunately I have a young family and spare time is pretty non existent for now.

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