SM Golf Coaching 

PGA professional Scott McGovern has coached hundreds of golfers. From complete beginners, club golfers and professionals.

Every lesson Scott uses the latest and most advanced launch monitor technology, TRACKMAN

"Golf is a simple game often made complicated by to much information. By using the latest in golfing software we can see factual data and make clear decisions, to put you on a pathway to better golf"


          - Scott McGovern

About me 

I turned professional in 2014 and attained my PGA Foundation degree (HMD) from Birmingham University.


I have played on various mini tours in the UK and around the world. With some high moments and some low, but that's golf!

I've worked within the golf industry for over 10 years and now I am a full time teaching professional at Oulton Hall Golf Academy in Leeds.

Coaching a person regardless of ability and seeing that player improve is the most rewarding part of my job.