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"Simplify your swing, enjoy your golf - with the latest technology and expert coaching"

The Perfect Blend Of Expertise, Passion & Technology

"Are you tired of hitting the ball the same way and not seeing any improvement in your game? I can help you! My golf lessons incorporate advanced technology such as Trackman, CoachNow app and video analysis software to give you an in-depth look at your swing and provide personalized feedback.

Trackman allows me to measure ball flight, spin and trajectory in real-time, providing you with accurate data on your swing. CoachNow app allows for easy communication and scheduling between us. And my video analysis software provides detailed breakdowns of your swing to identify areas for improvement.

With my expert instruction and state-of-the-art technology, you'll be hitting the ball farther and straighter in no time. I'll work with you to make the necessary changes to improve your swing and help you achieve your goals. Book your lesson today and let's get started on improving your game!"


Me and my journey 

I am a highly experienced and accomplished PGA professional who has dedicated his career to teaching the game of golf. With over 10 years of experience as a coach, I've helped countless students improve their swing, short game, and overall golfing abilities.

My passion for the game began at a young age, and quickly showed a natural talent for it. I went on to play competitively throughout the UK and around the world, I then turned my attention to coaching. I am a certified PGA professional coach and I,ve been coaching full time for the last 5 years.

My coaching style is tailored to each individual student, taking into account their unique strengths and weaknesses. I am known for my ability to clearly communicate complex concepts in ways anyone can understand and the ability to make the game fun for everyone I coach

With my guidance, knowledge and mentorship, many of my students have gone on to achieve great success on the golf course.


In addition to coaching, I am also an accomplished golfer myself, competing in various PGA events throughout the world.

I am always excited to share my knowledge and passion for the game with golfers of all levels at the Oulton Hall Golf Academy, and help them take their game to the next level.

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5 Reasons Trackman Golf Lesson Will Transform Your Game...

Trackman golf lessons provide more accurate feedback on swing mechanics and ball flight than without a Trackman. This allows golfers to make more informed decisions about their swing and make adjustments more quickly.

Trackman golf lessons provide a more comprehensive analysis of a golfer’s swing, including clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. This allows golfers to better understand their swing and make more informed decisions about their game.

Trackman golf lessons provide a more realistic simulation of the golf course, allowing golfers to practice their swing in a more realistic environment.

Trackman golf lessons provide a more detailed analysis of a golfer’s performance, allowing golfers to identify areas of improvement and make more informed decisions about their game.

Trackman golf lessons provide a more engaging experience for golfers, allowing them to interact with the technology and receive feedback in real-time. This helps golfers stay motivated and focused on improving their game.


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Golf practice and player development are going through a period of tremendous change, technology is a central component in that transformation.

Furthermore, the powerful combination of data, video, and overlay graphics has become an indispensable power feature that speeds up the learning curve of any player.

In each lesson you Trackman 4 and video software is used. The best players in the world use this,why shouldn't you?

What I use...


Every client will receive a free CoachNow account.

This is an invaluable tool to help player and coach communicate between lesson and also track a players progression.

The uses for this tool is endless. Gone are the days of trying to remember what was said during a lesson. Post video updates to communicate with me between lessons. This platform allows you to save everything in the same place be that the lesson notes and videos I provide or videos you take


Trackman GO app

The Trackman Go app tracks data but gives visual feedback in a completely new way never seen before on the Trackman platform. ​

Gathering data through strokes gained you can compare any aspect of your game to the best golfers on the planet.

This fun and interactive new app form Trackman help you focus on simple but important aspects of your performance to help you play better golf at any level.

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