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My first Europen Tour Winner!....

DP World Tour - Portuguese Masters PROM/AM - WINNER

Jacob Bramley - Headingley GC

Jacob has been coming to me for golf lessons and coaching for nearly two years now. In the beginning Jacob was a non-handicapped golfer a fairly new to the game.

In the passed two years we have shaved over 10 strokes from his handicap, now playing off 17.5.

Jacob is a hardworking golfer that puts time into his golf game and is now reaping the rewards. This will be a highlight of his golfing journey that he may struggle to top.

Through work he earned an amazing opportunity to play in the Portuguese Masters PRO/AM on the European Tour @Victoria Old Course

Playing with seasoned touring professionals in the PRO/AM one of the highlights of the event was that in the format of 'Texas Scramble' the team picked two of Jacobs tee shots, this meant that he was in a better position than the European Tour player on two occasions, definitely earns some bragging rights!

Tournament Prep

With the event on the horizon our golf lessons were solely based on improving performance. We didn't learn any new skills, it 's terrible idea as a golf coach to implement swing changes right before a big golf event.

We worked on......

  • Distances & Distance control

  • Scenarios/golf course management

  • Feel

  • Strike

  • Pressurizing our golf lessons/practice

Pressurizing your practice is so important and is something that is not done by the golfing masses. We feel pressure on the course when we are playing golf but we don't get that same pressure when we practice, that's why golfers often crumble under pressure.

I will posting some videos and blog posts on how to pressurize your practice sessions in the near future.

Pro's Tip - 5 second countdown method

There's no more pressure than stood on the first tee box. Next time you fee your knees shaking and the pressure building......

Count down from 5 in your head and initiate your swing on zero. You will be concentrating on trying to match your setup, waggles and target glances with the countdown, this preoccupies your mind, thinking less about the pressure of your current situation

I would recommend trying it in practice to get it synced up ready for the course


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