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Callaway Rogue ST MAX LS

8.5 Degree 

X Stiff - ADDi 7 shaft upgrade

** As used by Tiger Woods**

This is my most recent purchase. I have always struggled like most people with the big stick but in 2022 I have found some confidence so decided to get a driver built for distance and not accuracy or ease of use. Most definitely the longest driver I have had in the bag.

Club Speed - 115mph

Carry Distance - 295yds



Callaway Rogue

15 Degree 

X Stiff - ADDi 7 shaft upgrade

** As used by Tiger Woods**

I love the way it feels, looks and nothing I have tried out performs it. Like the driver I have upgraded the shaft to a ADDi7 it feels and performs great for me.

The ADDi7 is a very heavy and very stiff shaft not recommended if you don't produce top end club head head speed

Club Speed - 109mph

Carry Distance - 260yds



Taylormade P.790

17 Degree 

X Stiff - C-Taper - Black Edition

This is my wizards wand. This year (2022) I have used it a lot off the tee and rely on it to find fairways. It is a rocket ship so dropping down to this to find a fairway, I don't lose out to much in terms of yardage.

Club Speed - 104mph

Carry Distance - 240yds



Mizuno MP18 MB - Blades 

X Stiff - C-Taper - 130g 

4i - PW

I have always predominately played Mizuno irons growing up. The feel, look and shot making capability is second to none.

I have tinkered with the lofts, making them stronger as Mizuno clubs tend to be weak lofted in todays world

Yes I could definitely find clubs easier to use that out perform these. However I am a sucker for a bladed iron



Callaway JAWS - BLACK

X Stiff - C-Taper - 130g 

50 - 54 - 58

when choosing wedges I base it all on how it looks sitting behind the ball. At the end of the day a loft is a loft.

I have all my wedges 2 degree flat to help eliminate the left side of the flag

I have these in the bag for 4 years and they are rusty and grooves are worn quite a bit

may change them out in 2023




Huntington Beach 

Center shaft

I changed my putter of 10 years in 2022 as I hit a rocky patch with it. Putting has always been one of my strengths but it's been shaky of late.

Not completely convinced on this one.

Again I think in 2023 this will be replaced 

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